Meet The Staff

Anna Christian

Direct Care

Anna Christian joined Mountain State Boys Academy in the fall of 2021. She preps the meals for the boys as well as oversees the chores that need to be done in the home. As an adoptee herself, she not only gets but understands how to create a safe and caring environment. Anna desires to work with the teens and help them through whatever struggles they have. She is excited to be a part of the community that is prominent at MSBA.

Alisha McCully

Direct Care

Alisha McCully joined MSBA in the spring of 2021. She has been able to gain experience working with teens. The message she strives to leave the boys with is that they are loved despite all of the messiness and that their life has a unique purpose.

Oscar Sanchez

Pastoral spiritual guidance mentor and Youth leader

Oscar Sanchez has been a part of Mountain State Boys Academy since our opening in 2018. He began as the boys’ youth pastor and in 2020, started providing pastoral counseling for the students in the program. Oscar is a youth pastor with over 20 years experience working with youth. He is originally from California and has worked with inner city at-risk youth and also has spent 10 years off and on in the mission field helping west Africa countries launch youth ministries. Oscar moved here to Montana 5 years ago and has worked at two group homes.

Brooke Campbell


Brooke Campbell serves as the teacher here at Mountain State Boys Academy. She has a heart for hurting kids and provides a fun classroom environment for the boys.

Kevin McCully

Direct Care Staff

Kevin McCully plays a vital role in our staff team. He works with the boys that need more of a one on one mentor. He is also our work detail supervisor. Kevin and his wife Alisha have a huge heart for hurting kids and has been involved in youth ministry for several years.

Cheryl Bowland

Direct Care Staff

Cheryl Bowland joined our team earlier this year. She works with the boys and enjoys being able to pray and encourage the boys. As an adoptee herself, she understands the emotions behind the trauma and is able to bring her personal experiences to the table.